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Garcia Handpicked: If Cannabis was Music

Jerry Garcia loathed the construct of celebrity. He was appalled that his throngs of fans worshiped him like a god. When he wasn’t on stage playing guitar with the Grateful Dead or his many solo projects, he sought to enjoy a low-key lifestyle. Puffing on a nice joint was always a part of that. Aside from the wealth of music he left behind, his influence lives on in the form of a high quality line of cannabis products. Curated by his daughters Trixie and Annabelle, Garcia Handpicked is committed to matching the extraordinary legacy of its namesake.

This is one of those product lines where you can tell just by looking at the packaging that it’s going to be fire. Elevation started carrying three different strains of pre-rolls sold in five-packs. The boxes feature Garcia’s artwork in lustrous colors. Of course it’s the contents that are really worth getting excited about. Five .7 gram pre-rolls contain the finest sun-grown, full-flower cannabis the company can source. We are especially proud of the inclusion of the Garlic Cookies strain grown by local up-and-comer, Luminescent Farms. We have also been excited to be introduced to the Green Lantern sativa strain from Ridgeline Farms in Northern Humboldt. It took first place as the best sun-grown flower at the 2018 Emerald Cup. Boxes come equipped with the classy touch of matches and a glass mouthpiece.

Companies can’t sway our allegiance to their brand with swag alone. It didn’t hurt though when the Garcia rep – Haley – brought the Elevation staff organic cotton t-shirts with captivating designs. They also have these super cool pins which we’ve been giving to customers who buy more than one box of pre-rolls. Their brochures go so far as offering suggestions of which Jerry tunes to listen to based on which strain you’re smoking. In giving us background on the brand, the focus was split between the integrity of the farmers and the colorful history of the culture surrounding Garcia himself. Ultimately it’s all about sitting back and enjoying this cannabis the way it was intended – paired with your favorite music and a carefree spirit.

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