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The Elevation Compassion Program: Medicine for the People

Providing legal access to cannabis in California has been a continually evolving process. When Prop 215 passed in late 1996, patients with medical recommendations had ample reason to celebrate. In 2016, Prop 64 opened the door for recreational users over the age of 21. While that was a significant leap forward, it also diverted the attention from the original focus on medicinal benefits. In response to this notable gap, a hard-fought battle ensued over SB-34. The bill finally passed in 2019, authorizing California cannabis farmers, extractors and testers to donate their products and services to any medical patient.

Just the existence of SB-34 alone wasn’t enough to ensure that free medical cannabis would wind up in the hands of those in need. Here at Elevation 2477 we take great pride in ensuring that it is accessible to those who depend upon it for medicinal purposes. In the summer of 2020, we launched a compassion program in conjunction with the Caladrius Network. The cannabis tinctures provided through the network were made possible by donations from members of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance Compassion Committee. In addition to Elevation, these include the following: Emerald Bay Extracts, Foothill River Farms, Green Gift Gardens, Highest Health Collective, House of Harlequin, Latitude Management, Medicus Industries, Rough and Ready Goods, Sierra Sol, The Higher Commitment and Yuba River Organics.

Caladrius was started by Nevada County resident Forrest Hurd who was driven by the need to find alternative treatment for his son Silas’s severe epilepsy. He found that products containing high levels of CBD proved to be very effective in treating the disorder. Now Silas has defied the odds in transforming his quality of life, relying almost exclusively on a steady regiment with these products.

Providing free medicine to members of the Caladrius Network has been an invaluable resource for these caretakers of children faced with serious health challenges. Beginning on Tuesday, May 25, Elevation will commence the second wave of our compassion program. Any medical patient over the age of 21 will be able to select one item on the list of complementary products provided to us specifically for this purpose. The program will be open every Tuesday while supplies last and each person can receive one item per month. Recipients can rest assured that all these products are held to the same levels of rigorous testing as any other product sold at Elevation.

Six products have been provided to us by Papa & Barkley including tinctures with different ratios of CBD to THC. The choices also include two kinds of solvent-less hash gummies. P&B is the flagship brand of our in-house wellness program. It has been heartwarming to hear countless stories over the years from customers who have experienced amazing results from using their products. These include people who have treated cancer, replaced opioids, combatted anxiety and ptsd and addressed many types of acute pain. Medical patients will need to inquire about the program when they arrive at the dispensary and we will be happy to add an item to their order. The Elevation team looks forward to more people having the opportunity to experience the remarkable benefits that these items have to offer.

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