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Oil, gummies, tinctures and more. However you like your cannabis, Select has something for you.


mana extracts

Portland-produced premium cannabis extracts, offered at an affordable price. Taste the difference in Mana — the new gold standard for concentrates.


nw kind

A collective of small, craft growers specializing in exceptional cannabis flowers and extracts.



Mouthwatering gummies made with single-strain, Live Rosin — preserving the uniqueness of each strain in every bite.

Customer Testimonials

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Just give us the whizzaa! Toke up on the Pineapple Express with that sticky icky shotgun sensamillia. Fully man, keif gummies are the indoor equivalent of body high super mellow. Taco Bell 4th meal with Doritos Locos tacos and a knife rip on the side. Hot box at 4:20 the fatty dank endo doobie in a cashed roachclip, Bogart.

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From tips on consuming cannabis to resources and blogs on local brands, events and medical use, there’s a little something for everyone.

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