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The Highest Day of the Year

For any cannabis dispensary, 4/20 is like Black Friday, Christmas and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. We had been looking forward to it for months here at Elevation 2477. Given the renewed sense of optimism swirling around Spring 2021, an extravaganza was in order. A number of reps for cannabis companies set up booths to disperse information and swag. Our neighboring pizza parlor – Miner Moe’s – provided the tasty morsels. The main attraction was a live glass blowing display by Jerome Baker. His name draws gasps of reverence from glass enthusiasts as the creator of the world’s biggest bong (“Bongzilla”) and a perennial innovator in the field. He raffled off two bongs and also unveiled his new line of extracts.

In expectation of the day’s inevitable craziness, all 28 of our staff members were on duty. It’s inspiring to see the efficiency of good teamwork in motion. Customers poured in, seemingly following a siren’s call that it was time to get stocked up to celebrate the occasion. Instead of Zoolander’s, “Must kill the Malaysian prime minister,” it was, “Must smoke or consume cannabis now!” (not anywhere on the Elevation property, of course)

It didn’t hurt that we were offering a full page of outrageous discounts on a variety of products. We used our back gravel parking lot for spillover and did our best to provide customers with the same service they typically expect. Most people didn’t mind hanging out for a little while longer since Elevation was undoubtedly the coolest place to be in town. When the dust settled, we were all tired and sore from the extra steps, but basking in the buzz of what had been a thoroughly gratifying day.

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