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Cultivate a greater sense of wellness

We are more than a cannabis dispensary.

At Elevation 2150’, we are passionate about cannabis. We believe when properly used, cannabis can transform lives, and that a great experience starts with the right information. We believe that wellness is more than just physical health — it’s the full integration of physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. It’s a belief steeped in respect for the plant. Our highly trained Wellness Associates love helping newcomers and connoisseurs alike, discover the right strains and products to match your unique lifestyle and budget.

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Rooted in quality

From humble beginnings, Elevation 2150’ was established in April 2021 in Ontario, OR, 4 years after the launch of our flagship store, Elevation 2477’ — nestled in the beautiful California Sierra Nevada Foothills. No matter where we plant our roots our dedication to the community is the same: connect our customers with the highest quality cannabis products to enhance their well-being, while delivering a comfortable and affordable experience to anyone who sets foot in one of our dispensaries.

Elevation 2150' Curated

A superior selection of cartridges, edibles, flowers, extracts, and more, hand-selected with your needs in mind. We know there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to cannabis, so we designed our menu to match. Whether you’re looking to achieve a specific effect, explore a new product category, or get your hands on a timeless classic — we’ve got you covered.

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