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The Connection Between Music & Cannabis

Music and cannabis each have centuries-long histories, but their paths have always intertwined. It’s a connection that’s as old as time, but what happens when you bring these two cosmic forces together? Follow along as we explore. 

Exploring the Science of Music

Not only do we enjoy music, but it has a deep impact on our brains. This goes beyond enjoyment. When we tune into music, it triggers our brains to release dopamine. Dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter, causing feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. It’s intriguing that dopamine release doesn’t only occur when we hear a complete song. It also happens as we anticipate our song’s favorite parts. This dopamine rush explains why we often feel a chill, a mood lift, or become emotional while listening to specific music.

But the effects of music on our brains run deeper than just shifting our moods. Research tells us that it stimulates multiple brain sections concurrently. These are areas tied to emotion, memory, sensorimotor, and creativity. Even more fascinating is that when we learn to make music, it can lead to structural brain changes. These changes help enhance cognitive skills such as verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and reading skills. 

To put it in simpler terms, our brains don’t just love music, we absolutely adore it! As a universal language, music has the power to bring us together, stimulate us, and profoundly influence our experiences.

The Sensory Symphony

Cannabis has a remarkable ability to potentially elevate the sensory experience of music to a whole new level. It’s like putting on a pair of kaleidoscope glasses for your ears. Cannabis can tap into corners of your mind that aren’t usually activated, taking your music-listening experience to new heights!

an etta james record sitting next to a turntable with a blunt sitting on top

Cannabis in Music Culture

The connection between cannabis and the music industry is like a timeless duet, harmonizing effortlessly through the ages. Let’s tune in to the influence of cannabis on the music world and some popular genres:

Jazz & Blues

Cannabis has long been intertwined with jazz and blues, fueling the improvisational spirit of these genres. Musicians like Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith openly celebrated the herb’s inspiration, using it to explore uncharted musical territories.

Rock ‘n Roll

The rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and cannabis go hand in hand. Icons like Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles embraced the herb, pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking music that defined a generation.


Reggae music and cannabis are inseparable. With its deep connection to the herb, the Rastafarian movement brought cannabis to the forefront of the reggae scene. Bob Marley’s anthems and calls for its legalization became a soundtrack for a global movement.


The influence of cannabis on hip-hop is palpable, with artists like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill advocating for its use. It became a symbol of resistance, rebellion, and self-expression within the genre.

Alternative & Psychedelic Rock

The trippy, mind-expanding sounds of bands like Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead often found synergy with cannabis. These artists created immersive soundscapes that became the backdrop for countless ‘high’ adventures.

Rap and Modern Music

Cannabis continues to permeate modern music across genres, with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna, and Drake rapping about its recreational use, making it a fixture in pop culture.


This is more than a musical influence; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Cannabis has shaped the way we create, listen to, and experience music, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and its evolution.

Live Music & Cannabis: Building Community, One Chord at a Time

Attending a live music event is like stepping into another world. The stage is set, the crowd is buzzing, and the anticipation is palpable. It’s a shared experience, a collective journey where strangers become friends and time seems to stand still. And for many, cannabis plays a pivotal role in enhancing this remarkable connection.


At a concert, the crowd becomes a tribe. It’s a place where people from all walks of life unite, bound by their shared love of music. Cannabis often acts as a social lubricant, bringing concertgoers together, sparking conversations, and breaking down barriers. 


The positive atmosphere that cannabis can foster often extends beyond the concert itself. Fans find themselves exchanging stories and contact information and even making plans to attend future events together. The connections formed in the haze of a live music experience can last a lifetime.


The connection between attending live music events and cannabis use is about more than just getting high. It’s about coming together, building community, and sharing a unique, unforgettable experience. As the music pulses through the crowd and the sweet aroma of cannabis hangs in the air, the boundaries between individuals blur, and the world becomes a little more harmonious.

Elevation: Proudly Supporting Nevada County’s Local Art & Live Music

At Elevation, we believe our community thrives on the creative energy of local artists and musicians. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor some of Nevada County’s most beloved music venues. 


Here are the venues we currently sponsor:


So, next time you attend a live music event in beautiful Nevada County, California, keep an eye out for the Elevation banner. Know that you’re not only supporting the beautiful artistry of local musicians, but also contributing to the powerful vision of a sustainable and interconnected future.

Elevation Cannabis Dispensaries — Helping You Explore the Wonderful World of Cannabis Wellness & Culture

Finally, as you can see — music and cannabis share a timeless, harmonious bond. Their relationship echoes the complexity of a symphony, mirrors the diversity of various artists, and elicits emotions as personal as those invoked by the music itself. As we conclude this exploration, let’s remember that the bond between music and cannabis isn’t merely a fragment of history, but an ongoing, living transformation. Whether you are a listener, an artist, or somewhere in between, the melody continues, and it’s far from its finale.

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