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Back Inside and It Feels So Good

“When are you going to reopen the shop?” It was a question we heard repeatedly and answered in the same way as a parent whose child kept wondering, “Are we almost there yet?” After operating exclusively with curbside service and delivery for the better part of two years, the Elevation staff was just as eager as the customers to bring operations back inside; probably even more so. The light at the end of the tunnel kept retreating deeper into the horizon.

For much of ‘20 – ‘21, we were observing guidelines for Covid safety and persisting in the only way possible to keep the dispensary operational. Through trial and error, we fine-tuned the curbside arrangement to the precision of a Swiss watch. Along the way, our staff endured every weather-related adversity imaginable, including extreme heat, torrential rain, snow and – worst of all – smoke from wildfires. The commitment to keeping customers safe, satisfied and well–stocked with their favorite cannabis items always took precedence.

While outdoor operations continued, our team was hard at work preparing the shop for reopening. Early in 2020, we expanded into an adjoining space to create what we refer to as the Express Center. Elevation’s online ordering system had become a staple and the idea was to create an area exclusively for people to pick up their pre-packed orders, lickity split. The space was also designed to house clones which can be viewed through glass portals behind a wooden divider.

Now that we’re open, it’s a beautiful thing to see the express center working just as envisioned. Customers are getting in and out even faster than when we brought orders to their cars. They often like to take a moment to admire the baby plants, standing all perky behind the windows. If customers have a reason they aren’t able to come inside, we are still flexible in providing curbside service. They just have to call the shop when they arrive.

Entering into the new and improved showroom is an exciting moment for customers whether it’s their maiden visit or the first time since March 2020. We enjoy seeing them light up like Dorothy entering the land of Oz. The vibrant, texturally-rich paintings by local artist Evan Nesbit immediately capture the eye. The new display cases for flower and concentrate samples are the star attraction. Running the length of the room, they give customers the opportunity to get a good look at every strain we have on the menu. We still encourage people to order online to save time and 5% off their total, but there’s no substitute for being able to visualize all the products. However, it’s important to note that there are a number of items only available through online purchase.

One of the big benefits of being back inside is having an official forum which is more conducive towards providing consultations. We want customers to take advantage of our knowledge and familiarity with the products. Not that we weren’t happy to do this at people’s cars, but at least now we won’t be distracted by the elements. Whether you want to be steered towards the perfect after work preroll or you’re ready to be introduced to the world of CBD tinctures, the Elevation staff is here for you every step of the way.

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