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Blazing Beyond 4/20: Insider Picks from the Elevation Staff

Stepping into Elevation is like a scene taken straight from a cannabis fantasy. There are so many options, it’s enough to make your eyes glaze over. Many of us are creatures of habit and tend to stick with the same items again and again. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but part of the fun is trying new things and expanding your horizons. In celebration of 4/20, we are happy to present a list of recommendations from our staff to help guide you towards some of our go-to products. Venture into the great unknown and perhaps you’ll discover a new favorite or two.


Morgan – UpNorth – Durban Poison 1/8th

  • “The Durban tastes delicious with a strong pinene terpene profile. It’s a very uplifting sativa and helps me be super productive.”

Bianca – Maven Genetics – Ajo Blanco 1/8th

  • “Maven does such a good job with all of their products. I’m not typically big on sativas. Some of them make me paranoid. The Ajo Blanco is an exception. It’s a happy high and makes me laugh at everything. It also tastes really yummy.”

Jonathan – Sense Flower

  • “This is one of those brands where you know everything they produce is going to be top-notch. My favorite strain I’ve tried recently is Pink Certz. It’s really gassy and smooth at the same time. The cross strains – menthol and grape gasoline – really work well together to create a surprisingly unique flower.”

Emerson – Elevation 1/8ths

  • “If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis on a budget, this is the flower for you! Every strain is very well cultivated. I’ve particularly enjoyed the Runtz and Bluenicorn. I gravitate towards the Indica-dominant hybrids for their anxiety relief and happy, stoney qualities.”

Pre Rolls

Laura – Albert Einstone’s – El Bluntos

  • “This is always my choice when I want to treat myself. They are rolled with top-shelf flower — no shake or leaf. They burn evenly and are very smooth. Whenever I smoke one, it makes me feel special.”


Nick – Blessed Extracts

  • “Their consistency of quality at such a low price point really hits the mark. The taste is very important to me. Finding a high that’s equal to the taste is hard to find and that’s definitely the case with Blessed. I like the Blue Banana Crumble in particular. It’s right in the middle between sauce and crumble and it’s easy to work with. It has a really cool viscosity.”


Ashleigh – Wyld – 5:5 THC/CBG Pear Gummies

  • “CBG is the mother cannabinoid and it has shown me the most benefits for pain relief, nausea, and general vitality. The positive results have been evident after using this product for just a few days. The fact that they taste so good is an added bonus.”

Morgan – ABX – Forbidden Fruit Gummies

  • “They taste really good. I like the effect and the price point. The high isn’t overbearing. I can take one and feel really comfortable, but I usually take more than one.”

Emerson – Wyld – THC/CBN Elderberry Gummies

  • “They are very helpful with sleep. I like the 2:1 ratio of THC to CBN. I appreciate that I wake up the next morning with no grogginess and ready to take on the day.”

Laura – Space Gem Gummies

  • “I like that they are solvent-free and made with ice hash which gives them more of a cannabis flavor. They seem to be quicker acting. They come in a variety pack with five different flavors. I ate one last night and it was so delicious, I had to eat another one.”

Shelley – Camino – 6:2 CBD/THC Pear Gummies

  • “A lot of people come in these days telling us they want to drink less. These are a nice alternative to alcohol. They give you a light, giggly high. You can also microdose them throughout the day and they’ll keep you calm.”


Bia – CANN– Lemon Lavender – 6-pack

  • “This is a perfect replacement for alcoholic beverages. It tastes so good. I like that it comes in a six-pack. It helps me be social and avoid a hangover the next morning.”

Bia – Deep Desert Spirited Infusions

  • “People might not realize that you can make this into ice cubes and popsicles and it turns out very well. The dosage is low, so a whole popsicle is only about eight mg. I love the ‘Chill‘ option. You can’t taste any cannabis. It’s very fruity and will be even better as the weather heats up this summer.”


Bianca – Jade Nectar – THCV Tincture

  • “It is an appetite suppressant so it’s good to take late at night if you want to stave off the munchies. I suffer from ADHD and it helps me curb that hyperactivity. I consider it a good substitute for Adderall.”

Ty – Jade Nectar – 30:1 Tincture

  • “It’s very helpful for anxiety relief. It also helps me unwind and fall asleep easier. I appreciate having a product like this that I can use at any time of day without any psychoactivity.”

Shelley – Tikun – Erez Tincture

  • “I’ve tried everything and this has proven to be the most effective product in helping me sleep. I don’t wake up feeling groggy. This is a 600 mg bottle so it’s stronger than most. I take it half an hour before sleep. It’s in avocado oil with a little orange essential oil so the taste is really pleasant and mild.”

Nick – Mary’s Medicinals – Formula 4:4:2:1:1 Sublingual Sleep Tincture

  • “I like the full night’s rest I get with this. It makes me sleep longer than any other edible. I wake up with a recharged feeling. The combination of cannabinoids has everything to do with that.”


Ashleigh – Emerald Bay High Potency RSO Tablets

  • “The current strain we have in this product – Ice Cream Cake – works so well for me. I find it to be way more potent than others and I attribute that to the terpene and cannabinoid content. It’s more of a whole body, balanced, entourage effect.”

Jonathan – Emerald Bay Extracts – RSO Full Spectrum Tablets

  • “I have a high tolerance so I take 100 mg at a time. I like the sativa for keeping me energized and focused during the day. The Indica is very relaxing for the evening and helps increase my appetite. The RSO content hits me harder than other edibles and I like being able to avoid the sugar from the gummies. You can also break them in half easily and they have a good price point.”


Ty – Papa & Barkley – 1:3 Releaf Balm

  • “I like the fast-acting pain relief. The aroma of the essential oil blend adds to the positive effects. It’s an all-encompassing relief experience.”

Our resident cannabis experts have spoken and their testimonials come with heartfelt enthusiasm. Even for those of us surrounded by these products on a daily basis, we never take for granted the benefits they can offer. Just because we feel so strongly about them doesn’t mean you will, but you won’t know unless you try. The potential improvements to your mood, wellness, and life, in general, could be substantial. Here at Elevation, we’re cannabis advocates to the core and nothing makes us happier than steering our customers down new avenues of cannabis enlightenment.

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