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Temple Extracts CBD line makes a splash with Wellness Associates

Extracts: CBD Blends

As Elevation’s Wellness Associates, we love learning about the products we carry in order to better inform patients and customers coming into the store.

When I’m behind the counter, there are a few brands and products that are mentioned time and time again and, I think it’s safe to say that Temple Extracts is a house favorite.

Temple Extracts is a pioneer cannabis extraction company that hailed out of our very own Nevada City. Founder and CEO, David Sinclair, is native to the area and has over 20 years of cannabis experience. Now operating out of the Sacramento region, the company was founded on the passion for organic horticulture and plant medicine — all of their products are completely natural and additive free. Their distillate is made from top shelf, ecologically farmed flower and refined through a super-critical CO2 extraction process that lends to a well rounded flavor.

Each cartridge is strain specific and they use the terpenes from the original plant in the extraction process — never any added aromas or flavors. And, as most of us in the industry try to do, Temple places a focus on sustainability by using recycled paper, soy based ink, and compostable plastic in their packaging.

Many of us at Elevation 2477’ are particularly enamored with their CBD blend cartridges. Whether it’s their strain specific 1:1 options, or their Master Mandala Blend with a 12:1 high CBD ratio, we find these to be excellent options for people who have a low tolerance, who prefer the benefits of CBD, or need a lighter “work” high. The Mandala Master Blend is rather interesting because, at a cool enough temperature, it becomes a crystallized honey-like consistency. This is due to the purity and potency of the cartridge. It’s easy to fix with just some light heat applied by either putting the cartridge in a plastic baggie in warm water, or lightly go over it with a hair dryer on low heat.

Be sure to stop by Elevation 2477’, at 569 Searls Avenue in Nevada City, on Saturday, August 3rd from 3-6 PM to say hi to the Temple Extracts crew and check out their deals!

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