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Nevada County Cannabis Farm Spotlight

Welcome to our special Elevation cannabis dispensary spotlight on Nevada County’s thriving cannabis farms! Nestled in the heart of California, Nevada County is a hidden gem where cannabis cultivation has blossomed into an art form. We’re immensely proud to be a part of this community. Join us as we take a leisurely stroll through lush green fields and get a feel for the farms that are producing the best cannabis the Golden State has to offer.

Foothill River Farms

Foothill River Farms is where the healing powers of cannabis come to life. Foothill River Farms is a family-run farm founded 15 years ago. They took root in the fertile soil of the Sierra Nevada foothills and the Emerald Triangle. From leading breeders, they inherited unparalleled genetics.


As land stewards, they play an essential role. Each step they take honors their natural environment and local watersheds. But their role isn’t restricted to farming. They are also guardians of the earth, adhering to the best practices for sustainable growth. Moreover, they view themselves as both educators and learners. They share knowledge and eagerly absorb insights from others. Foothill River Farms represents growth—not just for their farm, but in all forms.


The magic of Foothill River Farms lies in their unique approach to cultivation. They don’t chase the highest yields or easiest grows. Instead, they focus on strains with the most therapeutic benefits. Their commitment to whole-plant medicine is evident in every flower they produce – premium quality, lab-tested, and of the finest artisan standards.

Foothill River Farms exemplifies the essence of true artisans and community leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis cultivation. They display approachable professionalism, setting the standard for the industry. Their commitment to environmental and community stewardship is commendable, impacting their surrounding world.

Moreover, their dedication to producing the cleanest, purest cannabis deserves recognition. This passion stems from more than knowledge — it’s a deep understanding of the plant’s potential to improve well-being. Foothill River Farms embodies the ideals and goals that drive the best in the cannabis industry.

Foothill River Farms are not just growing plants – they’re cultivating a better world. What’s more, during certain times of the year, Foothill River-grown cannabis flower can be found packaged in Elevation Brand flower!

Farmer hands holds baby cannabis plant. Concept farm marijuana plantation.

Green Hummingbird Farm

Step into the world of Green Hummingbird Farm! This is a place where organic meets artisanal, and family values blend seamlessly with environmental responsibility.


At the heart of this cannabis farm is the family that runs it: Abe, his wife Danna, and their three children, Shawn, Shaked, and Shir. Their hands-on approach ensures that each cannabis plant is nurtured to perfection, providing consumers with the highest quality products.


Green Hummingbird Farm isn’t just about growing cannabis. It’s about cultivating a healthier future. By using organic materials and regenerative farming techniques, they keep the soil fertile and vibrant, just like it was on the first day of farming. This commitment to organic farming has earned them the OCal (organic) certification. 


This serves as a badge of honor, showcasing their dedication to safe, effective, and environmentally responsible cannabis cultivation. They believe in transparency and take the time to educate their consumers. This fosters a community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for quality and sustainability.


Speaking of community, Green Hummingbird Farm is a founding member of Sierra Sungrown (a local cooperative of licensed medical cannabis farms in Nevada County). They stand at the forefront of a movement that navigated the challenging path of legalization. This grassroots, self-funded organization highlights the strength and resilience of community-focused agriculture.


At Green Hummingbird Farm, you’re part of a movement toward a brighter, greener future. Be sure to check out their stellar products on our shelves, such as Sierra Sungrown and Grass Valley Golden Nuggets!

Hillcraft Farms

Discover Hillcraft Farms, located in the Sierra Foothills, where the beauty of the Yuba River is just a stone’s throw away.


A land of diverse microclimates, it’s an ideal haven for cultivating world-class cannabis. Here, the unique blend of wet, green winters and dry, golden summers creates an enchanting backdrop for cultivating some of the most terpene-rich, potent, medicinal-grade cannabis you’ll ever find.

Marijuana plants at outdoor cannabis farm field. Hemp plants used for CBD and health in sunset

Twin brothers Daniel and David Cooper are the driving forces behind this operation, along with their wives Erin and Alisha. Living, breathing, and nurturing the farm, they handpick the finest genetics, employ the cleanest growing methods, and ensure precise drying and curing — they dedicate every step to quality.


Soil health is paramount at Hillcraft Farms. Soil is treated not just as a medium but as a living, breathing entity that deserves love and care. The farm, spanning 10,000 square feet of sun-grown beauty, is where cannabis is crafted with the magic of nature and the touch of passionate cultivators. 


Proudly Sun & Earth certified, Hillcraft Farms stands for what it means to be part of a cleaner, healthier, and more ethical future in cannabis cultivation. Visit our online menu to purchase Hillcraft Cannabis!


Elevation – Premier Nevada City Dispensary: We Love Our Local Nevada County Community!

And there you have it, the vibrant tapestry of Nevada County’s cannabis culture woven with dedication, sustainability, and a deep respect for nature. But hey, the journey doesn’t have to stop here! 


Enter Elevation Dispensary, your guide to experiencing the very best of Nevada County and beyond. Think of our widely-recognized California dispensary as your one-stop shop for a curated selection of top-tier cannabis products (many from the farms in this blog), each one a story of passion, care, and quality.

*The contents of this blog are intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.*


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