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Elevation’s Curbside Service Put Pets in the Spotlight

You can imagine what the most common question has been all year at Elevation…”When are you opening the shop back up?” Obviously we are very eager to welcome customers back inside and showcase our emporium of cannabis delights. We will still offer curbside service for customers who really need it. Running around the parking lot has been a style of operation which we have embraced wholeheartedly. Not that it hasn’t presented its challenges in regards to the elements ranging from extreme heat, rain, sleet, snow and smoke from fires (definitely the worst of the bunch). If we had to hop across a row of crocodiles in a swamp to bring customers their orders, we probably would.

Many of us would agree that one of the best aspects of curbside service has been the opportunity to see people’s pets in their cars. Their dogs are family members so we feel like we are getting to know them better. Seeing the blissful innocence of the dogs’ smiles makes everything seem right in the world. This was especially true during the height of the pandemic as there was such a palpable sense of isolation, even when in close proximity to others.

We all love animals here, but one of our wellness associates – Ashleigh – is on another level. She devoured books about dogs as a child and became an encyclopedia of canine knowledge. She has a way of surprising people with her ability to identify even the rarest breeds. When a woman brought in her puppy named Yuba, she didn’t fall for the similarity to a German shepherd. She pegged him as a malinois.

When someone comes through with an especially cute dog or puppy, word spreads quickly among the staff and a few of us will often come out to see for ourselves. “You’ve got to see the golden retriever in spot 8! What a floofer.” It’s one of the highlights of our day. Recently a couple dropped by with some kittens in their car. Imagine all of our surprise when Jordan – another one of our wellness associates – walked inside snuggling the precious little pair. Her good luck streak continued just the other day as she served a customer with baby goats in the car. Today I saw a woman cradling an adorable little bunny. What will it be next?

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