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Elevated Delivery: When the Cannabis Comes to You

We all dreamed about having access to legal cannabis at some point. Even way back in the day it seemed remotely attainable. But having weed delivered to your doorstep? That was too far-fetched for most of us to contemplate. We heard about delivery services in New York City early on, but that’s the Big Apple where anything goes. They started popping up in bigger cities in California, but still weren’t above board. When California dispensaries went recreational in 2018, it opened the door for legal delivery services. After many months of preparation, Elevation dispatched its first deliveries in July of 2019. Since then, the service has become firmly established as a vital component of our business.

On any given day, Elevation’s delivery team is ready to bring our wide array of exemplary products to customers all around the area. Cruising eco-style in a pair of Toyota Priuses, we’ll go as far as Meadow Vista, Auburn, Colfax, Penn Valley and beyond. Minimum purchase requirements depend on mileage and the delivery fee has now been lowered to just $5. This fee is waived for customers 65 or over. We are happy to cater to many regulars who develop friendly rapports with our drivers. We also enjoy serving first-time customers who often marvel over the novelty of this convenience.

We use an advanced navigation system to optimize routing and make things run as efficiently as possible. Delivering all over the county gives our drivers the unique opportunity to see many beautiful properties and enjoy the bucolic scenery this area offers. We are also happy to meet people at their place of business or hotel. It’s a satisfying feeling to know we’ve brightened somebody’s day by bringing them their favorite products for recreational or medicinal purposes. If only we could bring you a pizza too, but you’ll have to order that separately.

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