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Back Inside and It Feels So Good

“When are you going to reopen the shop?” It was a question we heard repeatedly and answered in the same way as a parent whose child kept wondering, “Are we almost there yet?” After operating exclusively with curbside service and delivery for the better part of two years, the Elevation staff was just as eager […]

Elevated Delivery: When the Cannabis Comes to You

We all dreamed about having access to legal cannabis at some point. Even way back in the day it seemed remotely attainable. But having weed delivered to your doorstep? That was too far-fetched for most of us to contemplate. We heard about delivery services in New York City early on, but that’s the Big Apple […]

On a Mission with the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance

Diana Gamzon might as well wear a cape because she is a superhero to the local cannabis industry. Instead she wears slightly less conspicuous – yet uber stylish – attire as she goes about her perpetual mission to advance the cause of legal cannabis along with those who cultivate and consume it. Gamzon is the […]

Elevation’s Curbside Service Put Pets in the Spotlight

You can imagine what the most common question has been all year at Elevation…”When are you opening the shop back up?” Obviously we are very eager to welcome customers back inside and showcase our emporium of cannabis delights. We will still offer curbside service for customers who really need it. Running around the parking lot […]

Remembering Benny: A Blazing Beam of Light

“Benny and the Jets” played on the radio today. It had to happen sooner or later. I could feel the hair raise up on my arm. In my mind’s eye, I could see the ginger dready towering above the counter, looking up with that gentle grin from behind his vintage glasses. The attention would turn […]

The Elevation Compassion Program: Medicine for the People

Providing legal access to cannabis in California has been a continually evolving process. When Prop 215 passed in late 1996, patients with medical recommendations had ample reason to celebrate. In 2016, Prop 64 opened the door for recreational users over the age of 21. While that was a significant leap forward, it also diverted the […]

Garcia Handpicked: If Cannabis was Music

Jerry Garcia loathed the construct of celebrity. He was appalled that his throngs of fans worshiped him like a god. When he wasn’t on stage playing guitar with the Grateful Dead or his many solo projects, he sought to enjoy a low-key lifestyle. Puffing on a nice joint was always a part of that. Aside […]

The Highest Day of the Year

For any cannabis dispensary, 4/20 is like Black Friday, Christmas and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. We had been looking forward to it for months here at Elevation 2477. Given the renewed sense of optimism swirling around Spring 2021, an extravaganza was in order. A number of reps for cannabis companies set up […]

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