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Cannabis & Veterans

Cannabis leaf on military uniform. Flag with marijuana leaf. Cannabis legalization. Cannabis in Armed Forces.

Veterans frequently encounter various health issues following their service, and although conventional treatments might offer some effectiveness, they often fail to deliver adequate relief. That’s where cannabis comes in. Cannabis is emerging as a promising alternative for managing these health issues. With its therapeutic potential, many veterans are finding relief and improved quality of life. […]

California Cannabis Culture & Events

Medical Cannabis in California - frosty medical cannabis and flag of California background.

Here at Elevation, premier California dispensary, we believe the Golden State is the place to be for all cannabis enthusiasts. From the sunny beaches to the bustling cities, you can find a thriving cannabis culture everywhere. The state has a rich history of activism and innovation, and it’s no different when it comes to cannabis. […]

Crucial Cannabis Questions to Ask Your Wellness Associates

Close up of medical marijuana buds

At Elevation cannabis dispensaries, our wellness associates are here to make sure each person’s cannabis experience is tailored to their wellness goals. Whether you’re exploring cannabis for therapeutic purposes or looking to learn more about recreational use, knowing the right questions to ask can help you get the most out of your experience. In this […]

Adventures with Cannabis: Top 7 Activities to Pair With Your Buds!

The stereotype of cannabis is that it keeps you comfy on the couch, but did you know there are plenty of ways to enjoy your green while you’re on-the-go? Just as cannabis can enhance your favorite TV show or video game, certain great activities are made even better with a touch of plant magic. With […]

Proper Cannabis Consumption: Cultivating Optimal Wellness

Have a great mood. Young people smoking marijuana, relaxing with friends on the sofa at home. Generative AI.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented shift in the cultural and legal landscape surrounding cannabis. With its growing acceptance and legalization across various regions, it’s become more important than ever to approach cannabis consumption with mindfulness and knowledge.    Here at Elevation cannabis dispensary, we believe that understanding how to use this ancient plant […]

About Our In-house Brands: Elevation Craft Cannabis & Extracts

cannabis concentrate badder in rows

At Elevation Cannabis Dispensary, we believe that the magic of cannabis happens when quality meets passion. Now, if you’re thinking we’re just another dispensary on the block, think again! Sure, we’re all about showcasing a range of products, but we’re also the proud creators of our very own meticulously crafted cannabis and extracts.  We’ve rolled […]

Nevada County Cannabis Farm Spotlight

Marijuana plants at outdoor cannabis farm field. Hemp plants used for CBD and health in sunset

Welcome to our special Elevation cannabis dispensary spotlight on Nevada County’s thriving cannabis farms! Nestled in the heart of California, Nevada County is a hidden gem where cannabis cultivation has blossomed into an art form. We’re immensely proud to be a part of this community. Join us as we take a leisurely stroll through lush […]

Proper Cannabis Consumption: Understanding Whole Plant Medicine

many green plants in test tubes

Welcome back to the Elevation cannabis dispensary blog! Today, we’re diving into a fascinating and increasingly popular topic in the world of health and wellness: whole plant medicine and cannabis. Even though we know that cannabis can bring us a sense of calm or a boost of energy, the way that it happens is complex […]

The Connection Between Music & Cannabis

an etta james record sitting next to a turntable with a blunt sitting on top

Music and cannabis each have centuries-long histories, but their paths have always intertwined. It’s a connection that’s as old as time, but what happens when you bring these two cosmic forces together? Follow along as we explore.  Exploring the Science of Music Not only do we enjoy music, but it has a deep impact on […]

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are a fascinating aspect of the ever-evolving cannabis industry. Essentially, these are highly potent extracts that we derive from the cannabis plant. They also come in various forms, each possessing unique characteristics and uses. Think of it as making a super strong cup of tea. The more concentrated it is, the more intense […]

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